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Who Are We?

RouterLoginGuide is a website dedicated to helping non-experienced users easily understand and manage their way around wireless routers, small home networks and troubleshooting basic networking problems.

We are dedicated to help our readers learn more about their wireless home network, routers, and computers and so on. For example:

1. How to login to their router using one of the default IP addresses:,, etc.
2. How to choose the Best Gaming Router Under 100
3. The Best Modem Router Combo for Comcast

For this reason we have decided to translate and share interesting articles found online.

Language should not be a barrier, so there are no excuses in learning something new every single day.

What Languages Do We Offer?

At the moment, we can provide translations to English, Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian, and Russian.

We have to state that this project is completely free of charge. Therefore we ask for your understanding if we are not able to fulfill your expectations.

Who’s Eligible?

There are no strict requirements regarding this project, except that priority is given to non-profit causes that provide free information.